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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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4:2                       To Richard West                   [1739
by bursting it asunder with gunpowder.   The Latin is pretty enough, and so I send it you :
Carolus Emanuel /J.2 Sab. dux, Pedem. princeps, Cypri rex, publica felicitate parta, smgulorum commodis intentus, Ireviorem securioremque viam regiam, natura ocdusam, Bomanis in-tentatam, caeteris desperatam, dejectis scopulorum repagulis, aeguata montium iniguitate, quae cervicibus imminebantprecipitia peclibus substernens, aeternis jpopulorum commerciis patefetit. A.D. 1670.
We passed the Pas de Suze, where is a strong fortress on a rock, between two very neighbouring mountains ; and then, through a fine avenue of three leagues, we at last discovered Turin: —
~E I'un a I'altro mostra, ed in tanto obllia La noia, e 'I mal delta passata via.
'Tis really by far one of the prettiest cities I have seen ; not one of your large straggling ones that can afford to have twenty dirty suburbs, but clean and compact, very new and very regular. The king's3 palace is not of the proudest without, but of the richest within,- painted, gilt, looking-glassed, very costly, but very tawdry; in short, a very popular palace. We were last night at the Italian comedy — the devil of a house and the devil of actors ! Besides this, there is a sort of an heroic tragedy, called La rappresentasione dett' Anima Dannata. A woman, a sinner, comes in and makes a solemn prayer to the Trinity : enter Jesus Christ and the Virgin : he scolds, and exit : she tells the woman her son is very angry, but she don't know, she will see what she can do. After the play we were introduced to the assembly, which they call the conversazione; there were many people playing at ombre, pharaoh, and a game called
o         ^ ?^ailtlel ^ Duke of         3 Carles Emmanuel HI, King of Savoy (1638-1675).                                Sardinia (1730-1773).